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2013 Fall Hair trends, hair color, hair cuts
wedding dress trends 2012
wedding hair styles option #4


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As with any heat styling technique, there is a knack to using a curling iron. There are also a whole bunch of things you shouldn't be doing if you want to achieve those perfect waves you've been dreaming about.If you feel like curling your hair is an uphill struggle, read all about the top mistakes you could be making below, so you can avoid them next time around!No preparationWe don't mean to nag, but applying a styling spray with athermal protectant is essential when curling your hair.

2013 Fall Hair trends, hair color, hair cuts

Fall 2013 hairstyles: reimagining Film Noir.
As one of the main hair trend themes to be shaping the fall 2013 season, the ‘new’ Film Noir is all about cinematic styles defined by a fashionable dark side and high-shine drama. Evolving from fall 2012′s first introduction of the neo-Gothic fashion trend, the concept of Film Noir brings a womanly kind of beauty under the spotlight, having the hairstyles look as close as being caught in a certain moment in time.
Each and every single one of the 


Monica Schneider is joining the Glow salon staff. Monika has over 20 years experience, and will be an asset to our salon. WELCOME MONIKA:-)

wedding dress trends 2012

The styles you will be seeing  for 2012′s wedding dress trends are ultra-romantic, chic, and dramatic compared to years past, with the use of very large tiered skirts, extravagant beading, oversized flowers, and vintage inspired accessories! Dress designers are getting more and more creative with their use of fabric, such as crinkled chiffon and organza, as well as the accessories they are using to adorn these fabulous dresses. I think this means we are going to be seeing a change in direction for wedding hair as well, more dramatic up styles, and more formal styles hair.

wedding hair styles option #4

Skip the Bobby Pins, Wear Your Hair Down!
 I recommend this when we are PAST the swampy summer humidity and are moving on to the Fall wedding. If you have healthy beautiful hair, consider showing it off by wearing your locks down. A very simple yet attractive style is with long, loose, and glamorous waves all through out the hair. This style fits a beach wedding particularly well, as well as any strapless wedding gown, as the hair falling over your shoulders and back won’t hide any of the special details in your dress.

wedding hair styling trend,Option 3

 Wedding Worthy Updo’s

Seemingly the most popular style for many weddings, modern Updo’s have become bigger and better! Think large, french twists, thick buns, or retro beehives with lots of volume, but without the princess tiara or bridal veil, giving it a clean, timeless look

What is Your Wedding Hair Style ? Option 1, Simple Yet Stylish

_This month I will be outlining different wedding fashion styles, so you can decide which one is right for you.The hair style you choose on your wedding day is one of the most important details because it can change your look completely, so choose carefully based on what is flattering for you, fits your personality, matches the formality of the wedding, and suites well with your gown.

1. Simple Yet Stylish!

Simple has become the new sexy when it comes to current bridal hair fashions, with Updo’s that look as though you created them yourself. From loose and tousled to a piled high, thick bun. A loose, simple Updo with loose tresses looks flattering on most women, and can be accomplished with just about any hairstyle, although a style with lots of layers will help your stylist accomplish this look easier, and works particularly well for women with unruly, curly, thick hair. And, for those lucky brides with small, feminine facial features and high necklines, consider a tighter pulled back Updo with a flower, hair jewelry, or other hair accessory to adorn the bun.

Wedding Day and Prom Makeup

 Not sure how you want your makeup to look on your big day? My advice: don’t stray too far away from your everyday makeup. Sure, you want to be a little more glam, but you also want to look and feel like yourself. Perhaps just choose one feature that you really want to showcase and play it up a bit.
Wedding makeup in the past few years has had a bit more of a natural look, resembling the girl next door. This also rings true for hairstyle trends. Because you will be captured in hundreds of photos, you do want your foundation to be layered on a little thicker than usual, but you don’t necessarily need bright colored lipstick and really rosy cheeks to bring out the best in your features.

Mid-Winter Beauty Hair Care Tip

 Brushing your hair before you shampoo is a good thing for your scalp. It will help dislodge dandruff and assist with good blood circulation which is important for healthy hair growth.
Brushing out dirty hair before you shampoo will also distribute natural oils down the hair shaft protecting it from further damage. When you shampoo only wash your scalp. The shampoo will rinse down your length. Washing your length will dry out your hair and cause it to be fragile

love It or Hate It: Katy Perry's New Hairstyle?

Mon., Dec. 12, 2011 ,1118 pm EST

JB Lacroix/WireImage
Color (and style) chameleon Katy Perry has yet again, changed her hair. Let’s break it down, shall we?
Color:While we aren’t sorry to see thecotton candy pink go, this blond layered with light pink thing makes her look a bit washed out, no? She looks best with darker locks. We don’t hate it, but we don’t love it either.
Style:Love the asymmetrical bob – totally flatters her. Katy joins other A-listers like Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston with this fuss-free style.